Founded on a Simple Idea:

Provide Outstanding Savings & Incredible Customer Service.

Founded in 2005, American Workers Insurance Services (AWIS) provides affordable solutions for individuals and families across the United States. AWIS is a licensed insurance agency in over 40 states, and your number one healthcare advocate.

We do right by our association members, and that’s why our mission is to be a company that is focused on your needs. We hear our customers, and we act with insight, understanding, and honesty. AWIS delivers the highest quality and value possible through easy-to-use programs that fit every budget.

AWIS believes Americans deserve a choice. We’re committed to delivering programs that improve your well-being while saving you money. Our values make us a company you can trust.

We Love NAPP Members

And NAPP Members Love the Savings!

"I had surgery recently and my NAPP membership saved me literally over $30,000! Your customer service is amazing, and it is totally affordable. What a great service they provide, it's super easy to use and it's truly a financial lifesaver!"

Regina B., Nevada

"Thank you for our NAPP membership! My son saved $140.55 on his initial visit fee of $185 and $72.50 on his second visit of $90, at the dermatologist. We highly recommend this savings program to everyone!"

Hayat K., Georgia

"I appreciate being a NAPP member and using one of your plans. I'm a type 2 diabetic and must take a complete blood test costing ~$500 each time every 3 months! The 'Comprehensive Blood Test (CWP)' benefit helps me get one FREE CWP blood test a year, and the remaining 3 at a discounted price of only $97 each. This benefit alone saves me over $1,800 every year!"

Sam H., Texas

"I just wanted to say that the manner in which I was treated when I called was outstanding… Excellent Customer Service… plus paying only $86 when I normally paid $250 for my 2 prescriptions was just so AWESOME… my jaw literally dropped! I'm so glad I found your plans!"

Patricia D., California